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Life on a Manor Maquette: Rubric

Project Rubric
The project is about constructing a maquette representing Manoralism during the Middle Ages
The project grade will be based on the following rubric:

1. Maquette’s accuracy representing life on a manor during the Middle Ages. How good does the maquette portray manor’s structure?
1. Not well at all 2. Good 3. Very Good 4. Excellent

2. Complexity of the maquette.
1. Poor (Plain) 2. Average (Basic) 3. Very Good (Some degree of complexity) 4. Excellent (Complex model/ required thought)

3. Creativity. How original is the maquette?
1. Poor (missing flair / artistry) 2. Average (Basic, needed more thought) 3. Very Good (Clean and Clear, easy to follow) 4. Excellent (Unique/ Interesting)

4. Oral description of how life was on a manor.
(All students have to describe part of how life on a manor was during the Middle Ages and how they went about constructing the maquette).
1. Poor 2. Below average 3. Very Good 4. Excellent

5. Ability to answer questions regarding the maquette/ topic
(Questions addressed to all group members)
1. Poor (Questions not answered or answered wrong) 2. Below average (Some questions answered, not all) 3. Very Good (Most questions answered) 4. Excellent (All questions answered, demonstrated deep understanding of the topic)


Points______/ 20