The Mind-Body problem: How to prepare for the exam…

Here are some tips to help you better prepare for the exam:

  • Understand the vocabulary terms in bold/ italic within the text and on the side of the pages
  • When studying a definition given on the side of the page you need to relate it to the text, i.e. where does it appear, what examples does it relate to, etc.
  • READ pages 97 to 107!!!
  • Do not try to memorize! Understand the meanings of the different theories as we discussed/ analyzed/ debated  them in class for the past 2 weeks…  Explain them in your own words!
  • Use a graphic organizer, as shown in class, to help summarize the different theories.  Think why they are different.
  • How do the recent theories relate to Descartes’ original theory? Did newer/ recent theories provide an answer to Descartes’ questions/ problems?

Look for me in school if you have any questions on what you read…